Fuel Surcharge Rates

1.0% $ .25
2.0 .50
3.0 .75
4.0 1.00
5.0 1.25
6.0 1.50
7.0 1.75
8.0 2.00
9.0 2.25
10.0 2.50
11.00 2.75
12.00 3.00
13.00 3.25
14.00 3.50
15.00 3.75
16.00 4.00
17.00 4.25
18.00 4.50
19.00 4.75
20.00 5.00

When the US DOE fuel price is less than $3.43, rates are:

effective February 15, 2018 through March 14, 2018 remains at $0 for local, hourly-rated moves, and 0% for intrastate, weight-rated moves.


The dollar amount for hourly rated moves goes up or down by 25 cents for each percentage point change.

*Percentages for weight-distance-rated moves

*The energy charge for moves rated on an hourly basis shall be determined by multiplying the approved charge by the number of billed van hours to a maximum of ten (10) hours per van, per day, including travel time.

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Why Should You Hire Only Licensed Movers?

States have regulatory agencies that qualify and license members of certain professions to protect the public. Doctors, dentists, lawyers and, yes, even movers are among those who must be licensed to operate a practice or business serving consumers. Professional licensed movers spend time learning their profession. They follow state and Federal rules regulating their business, train their workers and invest thousands of dollars establishing a real place of business, paying experienced help and operating expensive trucks and other equipment.
Unlicensed operators may make you an attractive offer but think about letting people into your home who are not back-ground checked, not legitimate employees, and not insured. They most likely would not qualify to work for a legitimate employer who pays for workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance and other benefits that tend to attract solid citizens. You have little recourse if there is a problem with an unlicensed operator as they are insulated by cell phone numbers, no real place of business, rental trucks and no internet posting. Understand that allowing people like this into your home comes with significant risk and no recourse.
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